Factory of buses

Our factory of buses counts inside on one expanded experience in the sector, which has allowed us to know the best techniques repair and to acquire the most innovating and complete equipment to guarantee effective solutions. The professionals who form our company are highly decisive, and always find the most advisable solution for the failure and the maintenance of your fleet of vehicles, working in the smaller possible time so that you have your vehicles in a short period of time.
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Characteristics of our factory of buses

Our company emphasizes within the sector by the characteristics with which we have equipped to our factory with buses, own of a service of matchless quality for the repair and the maintenance of your fleet of vehicles.
expert work

Expert work

We carefully analyze the damages caused in your vehicle to elaborate a complete and precise expert report of his state, that you it will serve to demonstrate before your insurer, the failures and flaws that must be repaired.



We will elaborate proposed economic and competitive for the repair and/or a maintenance of your fleet of buses, having offered to you in addition a high quality and all the guarantees to success in each one of the services that you need on the part of our equipment.

it is transparent

It is transparent

The set of professionals who we trained Gin©s Garc­a Talleres we own a great human quality and professional, offering a service it is transparent and of the maximum reliability that is provided to our clients by means of a near treatment and of confidence.

Emergency 24 hours

The failures are as annoying as inopportune, for that reason we make your available a service of emergency 24 hours.

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We have several specialties to cover the maximum number of needs of all type of clients who need the maintenance and/or repair buses, and need a fast and specialized solution.
mechanic diesel engines gasoline

Mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline

We are expert in mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline, and have acquired the tools most precise and adapted to repair all type failures with the maximum quality and putting at the disposal of our clients all our effort and implication to give its vehicles to them in perfect state.
hydraulic mechanic

Hydraulic mechanics

We have specialized in hydraulic mechanics of buses, since, thanks to the ample experience of our professionals, we have been able to create all type of solutions that assure a successful repair to our clients.


We count on personnel specialized in electricity, that is in continuous formation to offer an up-to-date service and to cover any type with repair of the electrical system of buses.



The diagnosis software that we have acquired in our company is of the outpost technology more, and it confers a position to us privileged within our sector, because we have become reference company thanks to the fact that we are able to detect all type of failures and to find an optimal solution to correct them.

it plates painting

Plate and painting

If due to an accident or by the daily use of your fleet of buses you need a service of plate and painting that assures the best results to you, you do not doubt in putting to you into the hands of our equipment, specialist in the repair of any type of scratch, galling or impact in your vehicles.



To realise the washing of buses is a complex task by the great size of these vehicles, reason why in Gin©s Garc­a Talleres we of the cleaning of your fleet of vehicles offer the great advantage to you to take care so that you do not have to worry nor to spend time to you in it.

it lubricates


It is essential that the pieces of your motor count on a lubrication so that the friction among them when being the motor in operation, does not wear away them and causes complicated and expensive failures. Our equipment will lubricate the components of the motors of your fleet of buses, so that they are protected with an oil bathroom of the highest quality.
tinted tapestry leather

Tinted of leather tapestry

The high flow of passengers in your buses can suppose an important wearing down in the seats, reason why we have created a tinted service of leather tapestry that we will provide you under previous appointment, giving a renewed aspect totally to your vehicles.