Factory of vans

The professionals of our factory of vans are expert in the creation and the development of trustworthy solutions and confidence, through which we guaranteed a repair to you of the failures of your vehicle or an optimal maintenance for his correct operation.

The agility with that we worked allows us to give to our clients its repaired van and list for its use in a time record, because we know that for you it is important to have her the sooner, to be able to continue with your habitual rate.

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Characteristics of our factory of vans

Our factory of vans is equipped with the best characteristics to guarantee to our clients a maximum and insurmountable quality level, thanks to which we have become company leader of our sector.

expert work

Expert work

We realise the control of the damages of your van, that will be picked up in a detailed expert report to facilitate it to your insurer, so that it covers with the expenses of the pertinent repairs.



Our added value is the incredible prices that we offer to our clients for the repair and the maintenance of its vans. We fit our budgets to the maximum, and we elaborated them of customized form for each case.

it is transparent

It is transparent

Our service is transparent, honest and of confidence. We offer to each client the solution that better fits with its case, putting in his hands all our professionalism through a near and trustworthy treatment.

Service the 24 hours

An unexpected failure can leave offside at any time you, for that reason we offer a service 24 hours to you for emergency.

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The specialties of our factory are diverse, because our objective is to cover the needs with the maximum number of clients, who will find with our professional customized solutions and of the highest quality.

mechanic diesel engines gasoline

Mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline

The specialists who to comprise of our equipment realise repairs of mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline of vans of all type and with the maximum rapidity, since, thanks to her experience in the sector, they know the diverse failures who can arise and the best solution to repair them.

hydraulic mechanic

Hydraulic mechanics

Our factory also gives capacity to all type of repairs of hydraulic mechanics for vans, with a customized service that will provide effective solutions to you so that you have your vehicle in perfect state and with the maximum possible rapidity.



We have personnel specialized in the electricity of vans, that repairs any type of failure with efficiency, assuring to you a trustworthy repair and quality.



Our equipment of diagnosis is advanced technologically, and detects any type of failure in vans later to come to their repair in the smaller possible time and with all the guarantees of success.

it plates painting

Plate and painting

The repairs of plate and painting that we took to end in Gin©s Garc­a Talleres are destined to all type of vans with scratches, dents or breakage caused by impacts.



Our objective is that you save the maximum possible time in the maintenance of your van, for that reason we offer a service to you of washing with which as much it will be impeccable on the inside as by outside.

it lubricates


The continuous rubbing of the pieces of the motor of your van causes that it is necessary his lubrication, with which we created a fine oil layer, because in this way we will avoid possible failures. If your vehicle is in operation during a great amount of time, we recommended this complete service to you that will contribute a greater tranquillity to you in your day to day.

tinted tapestry leather

Tinted of leather tapestry

If you need a tinted service of leather tapestry for your van, it contacts with our equipment, since, under previous appointment, we will provide a perfect solution to you so that it shines as new.