Factory of trucks

The factory of trucks that we make your available for the mechanical emergency repair has a great team of professionals, who will find the solution that better adapts to your needs.

We work with principles seriousness and agility to have to point your trucks in the smaller possible time, offering a transparent service, of maximum quality and with a near treatment and of confidence.

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Characteristics of our factory of trucks

During our professional trajectory we have added more and more quality to our service, thanks to our effort in which the characteristics of our factory of trucks are most beneficial for our clients.

expert work

Expert work

With our service of expert work we provided a serious and professional valuation to you of the damages that your truck presents, gathered in a report of totally objective form and that will serve you to indicate to your insuring flaws that must be repaired.



To maintain a truck or a fleet of trucks supposes a great payment of capital because he is frequent that need completions of the motor or a periodic maintenance obligatory to support their correct operation. For this reason, in our company we have fit to the maximum the prices, and so we will realise a budget to you in agreement with your needs concrete and totally competitive so that you do not spend more of the necessary thing.

it is transparent

It is transparent

Each client who goes to our factory to realise the repair of a failure or for the maintenance of his trucks, is totally with our service, to which she catalogues of transparency and great quality, because we managed to surpass all expectation with our solutions.

Budgets without commitment

We value the repair of your truck and we offer a budget to you without commitment.

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Our specialties cover the needs with all type of clients with trucks that need to realise a completion of their vehicle, or to realise the repair of a failure or flaw caused by the daily use or some incident.

mechanic diesel engines gasoline

Mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline

The solutions of our factory for repairs of mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline have been developed by professionals with a high degree of knowledge and experience in all type of failures, to assure a level insurmountable effectiveness.

hydraulic mechanic

Hydraulic mechanics

Another one of our specialties, carried out by great specialists, is the hydraulic mechanics, for which we counted on the best equipment of the market and on the most trustworthy solutions for the repair of trucks.



We successfully repair to the system of electricity of all type of trucks, putting to your reach the solutions most novel, developed by specialized and highly qualified personnel who will work quickly so that you can have your vehicle very quickly.



Our equipment realises continuous studies of market to be more abreast of the falsified equipment of diagnosis and than they include the last technologies, to equip our factory with them and to be able to quickly solve all type of failures of trucks.

it plates painting

Plate and painting

We have selected for our factory to expert professionals in plate and painting, since the daily use of the trucks entails that flaws in their body can be caused, taking place scratches, scales, dents or blows by some shock, that will be repaired with the best tools so that your fleet of vehicles shines as at the outset, because it is important to take care of the image of your business.



If the working cycle of your company does not allow to spend the time you that entails the washing of your trucks, in Gin©s Garc­a Talleres we have the perfect solution, and is that, we offer a service to you of cleaning realised with products of first quality and that as much eliminate all type of dirt and spots in the interior as in the outside of your vehicles.

it lubricates


The lubrication of pieces of the motors in trucks that are in operation a great amount of hours during all the week, is necessary so that when friccionar they are not damaged and failures take place. With this lubrication of the motor, we were able to create a thin oil layer that protects all the components.

tinted tapestry leather

Tinted of leather tapestry

The aspect of your truck is important so that their use is nice and give a good image to your clients, for that reason, we offer to you under previous appointment, our tinted service of leather tapestry for your vehicles.