Factory of tractors and agricultural vehicles

Our factory of tractors and agricultural vehicles takes care of all type of failures, finding the best solution for each client.

After meeting the type failure that has your tractor, we quickly come to realise its repair with total delivery and dedication, so that you can arrange in the smaller possible time and than it does not cause a diminution to you of the yield of your company.

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Characteristics of our factory of tractors and agricultural vehicles

The characteristics of our factory of tractors and agricultural vehicles have turned to our company into the most trustworthy option into Murcia for the repair of all type of failures.

expert work

Expert work

We provide a service of expert work of agricultural vehicles by means of which we realised evaluation of the damages produced by an accident, to elaborate an exhaustive report and with total honesty that will serve as test to give to your insurer.



One of the main advantages of our service, is his low economic cost, since we fit to the maximum the price of the agricultural motor vehicle repairs, adapting to us completely to the needs of our clients and positioning us in our sector as reference company that offers a service of maximum quality to a very competent price.

it is transparent

It is transparent

We work with the maximum seriousness and professionalism to provide to our clients a transparent service, with a near treatment and of confidence, always obtaining the wished results and covering his needs with trustworthy solutions.

We respond during the 24 hours

Because the failures always appear at the less opportune moment, we offer our service to you during the 24 hours of the day.

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The specialties of our factory of tractors are varied, thus to be able to offer a complete service to a great number of clients.

mechanic diesel engines gasoline

Mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline

Our professionals are highly qualified in gasoline and engine mechanic diesel, finding quickly the best solution for the failure of your vehicle, that is repaired with the best tools and the most novel techniques of the sector.

hydraulic mechanic

Hydraulic mechanics

In Gin©s Garc­a Talleres also we have solutions of quality for produced failures of hydraulic mechanics in agricultural vehicles. We were in charge to repair them so that you can retake the activity with total normality and the security of which your vehicle works correctly.



Within our group of workers specialized in repair of tractors, we had experts in electricity, able to always correct any type of failure caused in your vehicle, guaranteeing to you a result that manages to surpass all expectation.



We realise continuous analyses of market to know the last new features in technology, so that we acquired the machinery for more complete and innovating diagnosis of the market, and with which we found out any type of failure in tractors and other agricultural vehicles.

it plates painting

Plate and painting

If the body of your agrarian vehicle is aggravated as a result of the daily work or has undergone some blow by some accident, we will be in charge to repair it with our service of plate and painting, by means of which we repaired to scales and the gallings, granting to him a renewed aspect.



We include in our repair shop of agricultural vehicles, an exclusive service of washing, designed especially for this type of vehicles, and who manages to clean all type of outer and inner spots of the vehicle.

it lubricates


He is habitual that a tractor is with the motor in operation during extensive days of work, for this reason, we offer our service to you of lubrication for the pieces of the motor, with which we lubricated them with an oil of maximum quality to prevent that some with others are worn away when being close.

tinted tapestry leather

Tinted of leather tapestry

We have a tinted service of leather tapestry, that we offer under previous appointment and through that we revived leather weaves of your vehicle, own of the seat or embellecedores.