Mechanical factory

Our mechanical factory  counts on the resources and the equipment necessary to take care of all our clients with total efficiency.

We acquire with each client a strong commitment of quality, obtaining that they are completely satisfied with our work and the near treatment and of confidence that we provided.

We as much give service to particular clients as to companies.

mechanical factory
specialistic technicians


In Gin©s Garc­a Talleres, in our mechanical factory , we worked a great fan of specialties in order to cover all the needs that can arise to them to our clients for their vehicles.

mechanic diesel engines gasoline

Mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline

The equipment of mechanical professionals of our factory, successfully realises the repairs of mechanics in diesel engines and gasoline, since we counted on all the necessary tools and equipment for both types of vehicles.

hydraulic mechanic

Hydraulic mechanics

Within our ample catalogue of solutions, also we included repairs of hydraulic mechanics, leaving the vehicles of our clients in perfect state and working as well as possible.



Within our factory, we counted on the last technology of the market to realise any type of repair of the electricity of vehicles.



Our machines of diagnosis detect the most complex failures of all type of vehicles, later to apply the solution more advisable than it allows to carry out the repair us in the smaller possible time.

it plates painting

Plate and painting

We have selected to the best specialists for the repairs of plate and painting of all type of vehicles, and counted on the most sophisticated tools to assure an impeccable result.



We realise the washing of any type of vehicle to give back to him to its brightness and its attractiveness, with trustworthy products and of great quality so that they shine as new.

it lubricates


Thanks to our system of lubrication of vehicles, we avoided that wear of a gun of the motor by its continuous friction takes place. We lubricated them, creating a light oil layer that works as protective barrier.

tinted tapestry leather

Tinted of leather tapestry

We put to your reach, under previous appointment, our service of tinted of leather tapestry with products of first quality and obtaining an excellent result, giving a renewed aspect to the interior of its vehicle.

Repair shop 24 hours

In order to offer the best attention, the fastest solutions and of more high quality to our clients, we put in its hands our factory 24 hours, thanks to which they will at any time see resolute the failures of its vehicles of the day.

factory 24 hours

We repair all type of vehicles

In our mechanical factory , our experts have the different equipment necessary to repair the damages of an ample variety of vehicles, and its experience in the sector, has equipped them with high knowledge, thanks to which they know the most competent techniques with those than we guaranteed some optimal results.

repair industrial vehicles

Industrial motor vehicle repair

If you have one or several damaged industrial vehicles and need a factory confidence that its repair with maximum rapidity realises to resume the sooner your professional activity, we recommended to you that you put yourself in touch with our specialists.

repair agricultural vehicles

Repair of tractors and agricultural vehicles

We realise agricultural motor vehicle repairs, using for it the best tools and the most complete equipment, to guarantee to our client a perfect repair.

repair industrial vehicles

Repair of trucks

In our factory we carried out repairs of trucks, executed by the personnel best preparation and with tools of last generation.

repair industrial vehicles

Repair of vans

We repair all type of vans, so we have the safest and trustworthy machinery of our sector.

repair industrial vehicles

Repair of buses

Our factory counts on great dimensions to be able to always lodge the buses and buses of our clients who need to be repaired, with all the guarantees of success.

repair industrial vehicles

Repair of tourism

To undergo a failure in the car is a disadvantage for the day to day, for that reason, we guaranteed to you that we will repair it in the smaller possible time so that you can continue with your daily rate and move with a vehicle totally put to point.