Your Desbrozadora this damaged and you don't know where to take it?

In Carsaleskorea we repaired all class of gardening machinery, our specialists would solve the failure of your desbrozadora in the smaller possible time.   

Because to choose our factory?

In our mechanical factory we offer the best services to our clients, want that estes the smaller possible time if your tool of work, he is by which we had the best professionals of the sector which they guarantee a fast and trustworthy repair.

Does Service of collection and give?

We know that for a professional, I throw of which it remains without his tool of work because of a failure, can suppose lost, it is by which and Carsaleskorea we gather the damaged machine to you so that your you do not have to move to you and we gave it when this sudden shying. In addition to our service of collection and delivery also we have the possibility of leaving a rent machine to our clients, Thanks to our store of machinery of Forest and Garden.


Account with us for the repair and taken care of your desbrozadora and tools of work.

We repair all type of vehicle.

These are the main classes of vehicles to the loans service.

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