Attendance in highway

Our equipment has designed and developed an exclusive service of attendance in highway on which our clients can count at any time, because we take care of its urgencies with the maximum seriousness and professionalism.

We find for each client the solution that better adapts to its needs, since, thanks to our knowledge and our experience in the sector, we meet all type produced failures in highway.

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All type of vehicles

The team of Gin©s Garc­a Talleres provides trustworthy and safe solutions for all the vehicles, because we take care of all type of failures to offer a service of maximum cover, of which the maximum number of clients can benefit.

repair industrial vehicles

Industrial vehicles

To work with a vehicle supposes that sometimes a failure during a work can take place day, while a passage by highway is realised, and in that case, we make your available our service, to realise the repair of this failure and that you can continue with your displacement.

repair agricultural vehicles

Tractors and agricultural vehicles

The use continued of tractors and agricultural vehicles during long hours can give rise to tedious failures, for which our professionals have the best solution, who will go to where you are to repair them.

repair industrial vehicles


Through our service of attendance in highway, we realised the repair of your damaged trucks, so that you can resume your passage with complete certainty.

repair industrial vehicles


We realise repairs of sudden vans that have been caused in half of a passage, thanks to our service of attendance in highway you will be able to continue with your displacement.

repair industrial vehicles


In displacements with buses it can appear some failure in the motor, and we recommended to you that you go to professionals as those of our company so that we realise its repair in the smaller possible time.

repair industrial vehicles


If during a passage by highway with your vehicle a failure is caused, preventing Keep moving, it tells you on our service of attendance in highway, realised by the highly qualified professionals.

Attendance in highway the 24 hours

We take care of your failures and problems in highway during the 24 hours of the day.

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Services of attendance in highway

Our services of attendance in highway are created and developed by specialists in mechanics of all type of vehicles, to be able to offer a solution to you that adjusts to your needs.

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Within our service of attendance in highway, we offer the change to you of all type of filters in all the varieties of vehicles of the market.


The batteries of the vehicles can stop working or damaging themselves at any time, and if it happens to you during a passage, you can contact with our equipment and we will go to repair it or to replace it.

Tablets of brake

The brake tablets must be replaced following the indications of each manufacturer, but they have not been changed in time or some failure in your vehicle has taken place that prevents them to make its function correctly and you are in half of a displacement, we offer our solutions to you for its repair or substitution.


We have all the types of screws to vehicles, if you need to replace some because it has produced a failure during a displacement by highway, we go to your location to offer an effective solution to you.


Our service of attendance in highway includes the substitution of brake fluids, transmission or direction for all type of vehicles.


If your vehicle undergoes a failure as a result of a sleeve in evil been and you are on the road without being able to resume the march, calls and we will go to help to us you.

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Strap on watch

We have all type of strap on watch, reason why, if you need to replace it by a failure produced in highway, you do not doubt in calling to us.


The failures caused in highway by meetings are solved by our service of attendance in highway with the maximum security and professionalism.


We offer an ample variety of rubbers for your vehicle, if you are realising a passage and your vehicle needs one them, we will move putting to your reach an adapted solution.